Trust me,

I’ve lived through it.



Hello! My name is Ahriana and I am the founder of Vaila Shoes.
I started Vaila to solve a frustration that I’ve had for years. Growing up, I’ve always had aspirations of being that boss businesswoman that you see on the TV screens. So, I would go to the store and make sure I “looked” the part. I would buy those fly two-piece pantsuits, accessories, hair (if it was a good day), but one thing that I could never find was: CLASSY SHOES IN MY SIZE.

If you didn’t know, I wear a size 11 wide and if you are a woman who wears an extended shoe size then you know the PAIN of shopping for shoes that are fashionable and still professional. Footwear size segregation in retail is REAL! There are many classy options for women with the US standard shoe size of 7 or 8, but if you try to look for a size higher than a 9... Goodluck. On the rare occasions when we do find our shoe sizes in stores, the options are either limited, unattractive, poorly made, and/or completely uncomfortable. For years, we’ve found ourselves impulse buying because of the scarce options, being turned away from multiple stores that didn’t carry our size, settling for unattractive options, wearing the same black flats or heels to classy occasions, being embarrassed because of our foot size and giving up on the shopping experience altogether.

Why should our fashion expression be limited by society’s beauty standards or shoe retailers?

Enough was enough! I sought out to create a shoe retailer that allows us women to be physically confident in our business lifestyle from head to toe. Women with extended shoe sizes deserve access and the power to choose their desired shoes.

Our goal is for Vaila’s customers to show up as the confident, businesswomen that they are - not what society has defined for them. We are disrupting the retail footwear industry and empowering women by letting them know that their foot size is bold, beautiful, and classy. We are a shoe retailer that finally gives women with extended shoe sizes the option to choose how they want to show up and show out in their world of business.
Ahriana Edwards
    Founder, Vaila Shoes