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Don't be afraid of our heels! Here's why:

For years, we've had to buy unreliable shoes that didn't cater to our foot structure. At Vaila, we engineered our shoes to have a thicker heel base, spacious toe boxes, and insoles that actually cover your foot. Our shoes finally provide you with the support and durability that you need at a comfortable heel height of 4' and lower.

  • Jalyn W.

    "As a young professional, my image is very important to me. Comfort and style always go hand in hand, and can really make a difference in how others see you, even down to your shoes! Vaila is the perfect answer!"

  • Brandye C.

    "From the court to the corporate office, shoes have always been a number one eye catcher when stepping in a room. I'm so glad that Vaila was made for us. IN OUR SIZES! This brand is a game changer!"

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We're so excited that you're apart of our journey. When we launched in March 2022, we set out to build a platform designed with you in mind. It was your experiences that united us and your support that kept us going.

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