What Shoes To Wear To An Interview

What Shoes To Wear To An Interview

Best Dress Shoes for Interviews

Today's modern women find themselves in multiple settings where dress shoes are appropriate, even expected. From work and the bar to weddings and other formal events, having several pairs of go-to dress shoes in your repertoire is a must. 

However, making a great first impression at an interview can be tricky, especially since dress shoes are such a vast category. From chunky loafers and strappy sandals to functional flats and chic high heels, there are dozens of choices to meet your style and setting. So, continue reading to learn more about dress shoes and styles you can’t go wrong with, no matter the occasion. 

If you have a plus shoe size, here are some options for you. 

What exactly is a dress shoe?

In short, dress shoes are anything that isn’t a boot, sneaker, or slipper and are suitable for a more formal ensemble. They easily dress up any outfit, even a simple pair of jeans and a basic tee, making them a versatile option for every look.

  1. Comfortable & Convenient Flats

Chic and comfortable, flats are a must-add to your wish list. Our Laurie Flats features a silk silhouette that provides a stable cutout design for walking, while its sleek black profile adds a touch of luxury to your outfit, these are sure to make a subtle yet classy first impression.

Want to take it a step further? Our Linda Flat features a rich, brown color and an intricate mesh design that creates a truly captivating effect. Additionally, the Linda Flat conjures a slightly sensual vibe due to its sleek color-block design while the glossy finish secure your glamorous appearance.


  1. The Perfect Pump

If there’s one style that most accurately defines women’s dress shoes, it’s the pump. They instantly elevate every outfit, featuring a slim heel and streamlined profile that boosts your height and your self-esteem. 

Take our Maven Pump. Patent leather shapes this must-have shoe, featuring a soft gradient design that adds dimension and visual interest to your collection. And for a go-to dress shoe you can wear anytime, anywhere, opt for a classic black pump, such as our Raven Pump, which seamlessly fits any style and setting.

  1. Stylish Slingbacks

If you’re constantly on your feet or are traveling by foot to your interview, having the right dress shoes to ensure your safety and comfort is critical. Fortunately, the slingback heel has your back (and your feet!). Slingback heels are equipped with an ankle strap that keeps your foot secured in place, regardless of the surface you’re walking on, while maintaining your elegant style with ease.

For example, the Myra Slingback comes in a brilliant white shade that adds light to your look, while the red insole allows you to embrace your boldness. Meanwhile, our Renee Slingback adds a classic bronze touch to your look, equipped with a durable ankle clasp and a heel that takes your style to the next level.


At Vaila Shoes, you can always count on us to supply high-quality dress shoes that allow you to showcase your femininity without sacrificing your comfort, seamlessly fitting into any setting and size. 

Shop our plus-size friendly collection here and prepare to make the perfect first impression at your upcoming job interview! 

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