Vaila Shoes CEO Earns Citi Trends Black History Winners Grant — Mogul in the Making?

Vaila Shoes CEO Earns Citi Trends Black History Winners Grant — Mogul in the Making?

Citi Trends Black History Makers Winner Vaila Shoes graphic in blue, light brown, and dark brown.

Vaila Shoes CEO Ahriana Edwards has done it again! First by creating a company for the often forgotten and second for continuing her pursuits in ensuring the brand continues to evolve. Citi Trends Inc., a growing specialty retailer named Ahriana as one of ten winners of the second annual Black History Makers winners. Out of nearly 10,000 applicants, Vaila Shoes won a grant for the great strides the company is making in the fashion industry.

Vaila Shoes is an inclusive luxury shoe brand that exclusively caters to women with extended shoe sizes. Ahriana often shares that she grew fed up with her frustration of not being able to find heels that were comfortable, let alone in her size. Instead of continuing to be frustrated she decided to use that as fuel to build Vaila Shoes into the company it is today. Since launching in February of this year, Vaila has changed the lives of hundreds of women and continues to grow its customer base daily. 

Ahriana continues her work of building her business and uplifting women by expanding Vaila Shoes and getting the word out at various events. One of the ultimate goals for Vaila is to have a physical store within the next three years. At the rate Vaila Shoes is expanding, that goal is definitely in the near future.

But until that day comes you can shop 24/7 using the Vaila Shoes website. The latest collection Vaila has to offer is the Executive Collection that features nine versatile shoes in the form of pumps, sandals, and slingbacks. Each shoe was designed with comfort and fit in mind that can carry you through the average work day and even into the night. Each heel can be dressed up or down, it’s up to you and your style!

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