On Branding With Integrity — The Vaila Shoes Way

On Branding With Integrity — The Vaila Shoes Way

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Did you know that your brand’s integrity can directly affect your sales and your product's value? But, what IS brand integrity and how does it directly align with your brand’s identity?

When people look at your brand they should see a cohesive image that is consistent and clear. Having brand identity is necessary in the aspect of knowing who you are as a brand and being able to convey that to consumers. You never want to have so many versions of your brand identity that consumers, your team, etc. that everyone has a different idea of what it is. Having brand integrity is about being consistent in every part of your brand. 

It takes work to create and maintain, but the outcome allows for your consumers to become familiar and more trusting in the brand itself. Want to know how to improve your brand’s integrity? Here are three strategies to help solidify your brand’s identity and integrity.

Create Clear Brand Guidelines

Creating and enforcing standards ensures your team can represent your brand in consistent ways. It’s key to building a brand consumers can instantly recognize and hopefully, one they’ll actively seek out. Vaila Shoes utilizes brand guidelines by having standards for colors, logos, imagery, voice, policies, and even employee training. It’s apparent through our social media presence, website, and even company culture.

Be Selective In Doing Business

Not everyone will understand your brand’s vision. Not everyone will be a good fit for what your brand embodies. That’s alright. However, the power is in the ability of knowing when to say ‘no’. Do your research on the businesses and people you’re considering doing business with and decide from there. It is vital that you are fully aware of who you will potentially be doing business with. While Vaila Shoes is a small and steadily growing business, we understand that every opportunity for potential growth is not for us. We would rather maintain our integrity than to do business in a way that isn’t authentic to the foundation Vaila was built on.

Keep Close Tabs On Your Business

Creating a consistent customer experience is necessary in many aspects and particularly in the way people interact with your brand. What are people saying on blogs, social media, and reviews? Take each comment and critique with a grain of salt. Use the feedback to better your brand as a whole. The more in tune you are with what your consumers are experiencing with your brand, the better off you will be. 

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