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How to Add Color to Your Work Wardrobe

What colors are appropriate for the workplace? 

For many office employees, color in their work wardrobe is virtually nonexistent. Vibrant pops of color are replaced by every neutral on the color wheel. As a result, beige, white, black, and grey saturate your closet.

However, you’ll be delighted to learn you can incorporate more shades into your workwear; doing so will add diversity and dimension to your everyday looks. The key is to learn how to do it tastefully to avoid looking inappropriate or out of place.

So, continue reading to discover ways to elevate your work attire that keep you from drowning in a sea of neutrals.

Tip 1: Consider the Impression You Want to Make

When incorporated correctly, colors can have a powerful effect on your appearance and how others perceive you. For example, someone who consistently wears a brightly colored tie will most likely be associated with a playful and cheery personality. 

So, take some time to determine what kind of impression you want to make in your workplace. Do you want to establish a calm disposition? Opt for natural tones, including sage, deep oranges, and light blues. Maybe you want to maintain a commanding presence? Implement bold pops of color, such as red and magenta.

Once you’ve identified the mood you want to elicit from your ensemble, it’s time to start assembling. 

Tip 2: Start Small

This option is excellent for those loyal to their neutrals and have yet to introduce non-neutrals to their looks. For example, start with a classic black-and-white outfit and add color to your shoes. Our Scarlett Sandal features a slim red heel that will undoubtedly stand out, making it an easy, risk-free way to bring a glamorous pop without too much effort.

Tip 3: Color Outside the Lines

What do we mean by that? Wearing a colored dress can be a daunting task, as it’s the center of your outfits. So, instead, stick to neutral blouses, pants, and skirts, and pair them with colorful accessories, such as handbags, scarves, and jewelry. The result is a well-balanced ensemble that strays away from the all-neutral look. Our Myra pump is the perfect slingback that has a neutral white color with a peekaboo red sole that is a perfect touch to color outside of the lines with your outfit. 

Tip 4: Try a Pattern

Patterns are another great way to diversify your professional wardrobe, as they instantly elevate an outfit’s visual interest. For instance, floral, geometric, and polka-dot patterns are work-appropriate yet keep your style from becoming too predictable. 

Another pattern option to consider is ombre. Our Maven Pump presents a sophisticated ombre pattern, featuring a cream heel that gradually descends into a warm toe. 

Pro tip: try to avoid large patterns due to their distractibility; you still want to remain the main focus. The goal is simply to enhance your features and add depth to your look, which you can achieve by opting for a small-scale pattern. 


We understand that introducing color to your work wardrobe can be a complicated process. However, there is merit to trial and error. Don’t be afraid to experiment with various shades and discover which ones you feel most comfortable and confident wearing. Once you get the hang of it, we guarantee your work fashion will never grow dull.

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