Happy Pride Loves — Celebrate and Uplift Queer Icons With Your Go-To Luxury Shoe Company

Happy Pride Loves — Celebrate and Uplift Queer Icons With Your Go-To Luxury Shoe Company

Happy Pride Month Vaila Babes and welcome to Vaila’s official blog! We thought that it was only right to premiere our brand’s blog with a post dedicated to celebrating love. Vaila Shoes was founded to serve the underserved in more ways than one. Our mission from day one has been to provide high-quality, fashionable shoes to those with extended shoes sizes (9-14). Inclusivity is a huge part of our brand identity and with that we wanted to show our support to one of the most inclusive, loving communities — the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Vaila’s ideal customers are fierce, boisterous, loud, and PROUD! So, we want to show our support and appreciation by celebrating some of the most iconic queer women and men. Public figures that are widely known and appreciated for their style, grace, and mostly importantly pride. We also thought it would be interesting to match shoes from our Executive Collection to the icons we’re celebrating. Enjoy!

Marsha P. Johnson

Transgender woman, activist, and icon, and revolutionary. Marsha is mostly known for her leadership in the Stonewall Riots in June of 1969 after police raided Stonewall Inn (a popular gay bar) targeting patrons and employees. Johnson’s heroic activism sparked protests over six days to fight for gay rights. If Marsha was alive today we think she would be a sight to see in our Myra Pump, because of the boldness and timeless feel they both epitomize.

Marsha P. Johnson. A transgender woman wearing a flower crown and holding a cocktail

Lorraine Hansberry

Groundbreaking playwright best known for her play, “A Raisin In The Sun”. While it is unclear what Lorraine exclusively identified as, she was an active member of lesbian rights group, Daughters of Bilitis. She also contributed writings about feminism and homophobia to the organization’s magazine The Ladder. Lorraine’s work lives on in the hearts of modern playwrights, writers, and creatives alike. With Lorraine’s creative flare and sleek look, we think the Kennedy Pump would best suit her style.

Lorraine Hansberry smiling in black in white picture while leaning over machinery

Janelle Monae

Artist, singer, actress known for her signature style of black and white is a non-binary, pansexual. Janelle Monae is an exceptional actress, with monumental films including Hidden Figures and Moonlight. She recently clarified in the LA Times that her pronouns are she/her and they/them, reflecting her fluidity and belief that pronouns are “free”. A lot like her pronouns, Janelle’s style speaks to being free, with her signature colors of black, white, and a pop of red. We’d pair her with our Scarlett Sandal.

Janelle Monae - Black woman smizing in black and white attire.


Legendary drag performer, actor, and singer RuPaul has always been a force to be reckoned with. He has accomplished and created so much as an openly gay man, who has made an entire career just being himself. RuPaul is best known for his popular tv show RuPauls Drag Race that debuted in 2009. Since the beginning of his career in entertainment, the icon that he is has opened many doors for the LBTQIA+ community. RuPual’s persona reeks of fun and joy, but one thing’s for sure he’s always serving a look! The Queen would serve severely in our Maven Pump.

Picture shows a drag queen in blonde hair and dramatic nude makeup with bright blue accessories in a sky background

Each of these queer community icons are the epitome of style and grace. And it’s not the easiest task to openly be yourself in a world that often isn’t the kindest. Yet and still, each of them lead and led a life worth being celebrated. Take this month to love on and embrace the LGBTQIA+ community a little more than usual. 

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Article originally posted on June 25th, 2022 - Revised Jul 13th
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