Work Shoes That Flatter Plus-Size Feet

Work Shoes That Flatter Plus-Size Feet

You may be wondering: where can I find plus size shoes for work? or where can I find wide fit shoes for work?  

We’ve all been there. Seeing the perfect pair of shoes available in your size online. So, you order them and eagerly await their arrival. Then, when it finally comes, you tear open the box and tissue paper, kick your old shoes off to the side, slip on the new ones, and prepare to be…

Utterly disappointed - they’re too small.

Finding dress shoes to best flatter your plus-sized feet is often a challenging feat (no pun intended!). Many often pinch your toes, while others suffocate the width of your foot, making it difficult to find your perfect fit.

If you want to achieve that “Cinderella glass slipper” moment, we’re here to help. Keep scrolling to learn more about these must-know tips to finding the most flattering shoe for plus-sized feet.


  1. Go With Heels

High heels are an easy way to flatter wide feet, as they draw your gaze vertically rather than horizontally. If you’re uncomfortable wearing stilettos, even a modest pump will suffice, adding a decent amount of height to lengthen your legs and make your feet appear slimmer. They’re much easier to walk in, allowing you to strut your stuff confidently.


  1. Round Out the Toes

If you find your toes uncomfortably overlapping when wearing closed-toe shoes, you may want to consider their shape. Avoid an extreme pointed toe, as it often fails to accommodate larger sizes and leaves a lot of empty space along the top of your feet, making them look longer. Instead, opt for a rounded or almond-shaped toe that reduces the appearance of size while still maintaining an elegant silhouette. Flats come are your go to shoe for this style. 


     3. Experiment With Color Patterns

Adding color to your work wardrobe is often tricky; however, doing so can thin out your foot’s figure. For example, a color-blocking heel or ombre design like our Maven Pump adds visual interest to your look and effectively breaks up a long foot.


     4. Stick to Straps 

Strappy heels give the illusion of smaller feet, making them a must-have addition to your collection. Try to find a pair of shoes that features horizontal straps running across the top of your foot for a flattering effect that works for every size.


     5. Consider Embellishments

Shoe accents can be a game-changer; however, it’s not always for the better. Whether your shoes have a buckle, tassels, or bows, be sure to select tasteful styles without going overboard. If you're looking for work booties, opt for a casual boot with a light chain while sticking to neutral colors. Anything too over the top can actually have the opposite effect of drawing attention to something you’d rather conceal.


     6. Support Inclusive Brands

Finding a brand that caters to individuals of all sizes is easier said than done. At Vaila Shoes, we’re proud to label ourselves an inclusive brand that caters to plus-sized women with larger features. 

Our shoes are intuitively designed to provide comfort and support, accommodating larger feet with ease. And we don’t sacrifice aesthetics either; our collection features luxurious designs that grant long-lasting confidence, allowing you to wear them for years to come.

Are you ready to experience your fairytale-glass-slipper moment every single day? Shop our plus size collection of chic, high-quality heels here

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